Wii U Patch Notes #3

15/10/2013 00:00:00


  • Fix a few remaining random crashes
  • Fix an issue causing the "Rename Loadout" menu to be displayed for the user instead of the "Record Sound" menu if the user follows some certain steps.


  • Fix an issue that prevented the user from continuing the game after Kobin’s map if the player didn’t have enough money to upgrade Paladin.
  • Fix an issue that made the Nouri mission fail if the player is using the tri-rotor to stun NPCs. 
  • Fix an issue that could cause the reinforcement not to make it into the vault when downloading the USB key.


  • Fix a walkthrough break in COOP/Abandoned City mission where the player would not be able to move further in the mission even though they cleared the area.
  • Fixed one spot in Lebanese Hospital map where spies were unable to perform a CQC kill from cover

  • Money and experience are now automatically saved when the game ends due to host migration 
  • The host’s team is no longer guaranteed to play as Mercs first. The team will be randomly chosen to start as either Spies or Mercs.
  • Removed Exit Match option during mid-match menus and halftime report.
  • Made maps-specific changes to prevent spawn-killing in general and spawn-killing by drones specifically.
  • Fixing issue where the client of a map will fall through the map on a specific condition
  • Fix a few remaining tracking issues (invisible for the user)
  • Fix an issue where the spy doesn’t have a kill prompt when the Merc is crouch against this desk.
  • Fix an issue that could cause the character to spawn with no weapon and without being able to shoot in certain conditions.
  • Fix an abuse that allowed spy to shoot with a 2 hands weapon while being in shimmy.
  • Fixed bug that caused Sticky Cam damage to deal far too much damage. The Stick Cam damage is now fairly balanced compared to the other gadgets.
  • Fixed bug where Mercs would sometimes reload automatically for no reason
  • Fixed one spot in Mine map where Mercs could get stuck after performing a CQC kill
  • Fixed bug where hack reset timer was sometimes not shown in the kill cam
  • Fix an issue that could cause the user to remain in a black screen while accessing AAR from lobby.
  • Preventing an abuse in Virus Vault where the spy can access a specific zipline from a cover.
  • Fix an issue that caused a merc to be able to spawn kill the spies in the base camps with drone.
  • Fix an issue preventing the player to take cover on the wooden board at the entrance of the Garage on the Cartel Map.

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