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The United States has a military presence in two-thirds of countries around the world. Some of them have had enough. A group of terrorists calling themselves The Engineers initiate a terror ultimatum called the Blacklist – a deadly countdown of escalating attacks on US interests at home and abroad.

Operate Without Restrictions:

Sam is back in his ops suit and goggles, and he’s more lethal and agile than ever. Granted the freedom to do whatever it takes to stop the Blacklist, Sam flies from exotic locales to US cities as he races against the clock to find out who’s behind this devastating threat.

Game Overview





A remote-pilotable flying drone that fires Sticky Shocker darts. Its rotors can be heard by hostiles if you fly too close.

Use the Tri-Rotor to:

  • Scout out areas and Mark hostiles, or attract enemies.
  • Upgrade to gain the ability Self-Destruct and emit sonar pulses

Sonar is unavailable in Perfectionist or near Drone Operators. Drone Operators cannot jam the Tri-Rotor’s main video frequency.

Sticky Noisemaker



Use it to create an opening to slip through patrols, or lure hostiles into a trap. This tiny speaker can be thrown onto walls and surfaces to distract guards from their posts.




Sticks to walls and delivers a localized electromagnetic pulse, disabling lights and Security Systems nearby. Use it to create Shadow paths to hide from hostiles, or target Power Boxes near laser trip wires to shut them down. Hostiles are unaffected by the pulse, but will investigate when they see lights shutting off.

Sticky Camera



A remote camera that can be thrown onto walls or other surfaces to offer a second set of eyes. Use it to watch your own back, or scout from new vantage points. Once upgraded, the camera can also Self-Destruct to stun or kill nearby hostiles.




Goggles let you see things you otherwise can’t. By default, your Goggles offer Night Vision mode, so you can see clearly while hidden in the shadows. Buy more advanced goggles to add Sonar Vision mode.


Sonar goggles periodically emit a supersonic pulse to detect hostiles behind walls. They can also detect Mines and Security Systems. Upgrade your Sonar Goggles to increase their range and sensitivity. On Perfectionist difficulty, Sonar Goggles cannot see through walls.




Splinter Cell Blacklist builds on the stealth roots of the franchise, while exploring new directions to embrace the realms of action and adventure. Players can define their personal play styles and be rewarded for those choices.

  • Ghost players want to remain undetected.
  • Assault players rely on instincts and firepower to deal with a situation.
  • Panther players strike lethally from the shadows in the most efficient and silent way.


Through the use of the Stategic Mission Interface (SMI), the lines between the Single-Player campaign and CO-OP are blurred as the narrative between Sam and Briggs is deepened. Earn in-game currency and unlock additional weapons or gadgets via specialized missions assigned by members of the Fourth Echelon.



Spies vs. Mercs is a unique multiplayer experience that innovates from the roots of the Splinter Cell franchise.

On one end, you have a team of agile, stealthy Spies looking to infiltrate a location and hack terminals to gather information, all while remaining undetected. On the other end, you have a team of heavily armed and powerful Mercs that must defend their terminals and stop the Spies from gathering the data by any means necessary.

Each team has different abilities and tools that they must leverage to outsmart their opponents, setting the tone for big rivalries and very fun competitive gameplay.


Sam Fisher


Sam Fisher knows exactly what he was made to be: a multimillion-dollar weapon developed by the US government to do what few others can do. Long before Third Echelon tapped him to be the first Splinter Cell agent, Sam was operating behind enemy lines, in situations where traditional rules of engagement didn’t apply. From Panama and the Persian Gulf to Bolivia, Columbia, Yugoslavia, and Kosovo, Fisher carried out missions which most American citizens would be horrified to learn about, should the US Government ever admit they occurred. A former Navy SEAL, Sam belonged to an elite brotherhood of warriors ready to sacrifice their lives in defense of America’s freedoms. Combat, espionage, and constant training have defined his adult life. His tactical experience has become part of his instinct.

Now, however, he stands alone, having rejected what his service had become and the mandates of those giving him orders. Having sacrificed everything for his country – his marriage, his daughter, his reputation, and his best friend – he finished his last assignment and walked away, a human weapon gone rogue. And the funny thing is, he almost didn’t become a soldier at all.


Equal parts brilliant and reckless (not on purpose – he just doesn’t think), Charlie has been getting himself in and out of trouble as a hacker since he was twelve. Far from a solitary introvert, Charlie enjoys a healthy social life and has a natural self-deprecating charm that he uses to defuse tension or make light of those who take things (and themselves too seriously).

Owing to his youth and focus on tech, Charlie hasn’t suffered many consequences in the real world so he’s pretty cavalier about the trouble he gets in. It’s hard to worry when you’ve been able to talk or tech your way out of any problem you’ve run into. It’s all just a game and Charlie always wins… well almost always. And when he doesn’t, well, Charlie will grow into a key member of the Fourth Echelon team but he’s got a lot to learn, including how to be calm under fire and how to keep focus when all breaks loose (especially when it just might be his fault).

Charlie Cole


Anna Grímsdóttir (known as "Grim" to her friends in the NSA) is the technical operations manager at Third Echelon. Her role is to provide Sam Fisher with technical support in the field, as well as to analyze and interpret much of the electronic data. A skilled hacker, Grímsdóttir normally tries to remotely hack into an objective computer system before Fisher is inserted, or when not possible does it direct from Fisher's OPSAT connection to a computer terminal.


Victor "Vic" Anthony Christopher Coste is one of Sam Fisher's oldest friends. The two served together on SEAL Team Two in Iraq during the Gulf War in 1991. During their time in Iraq, Coste single-handedly rescued Sam from a hostage situation after he was captured by Iraqi forces during a disastrous mission. After leaving the Navy, Coste later became a private security consultant. He served as Sam's contact in Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction®, giving him vital information and equipment during certain missions. Near the end of the game, Coste reunited Sam with his daughter Sarah. In Conviction, Coste also served as the game's narrator, retelling the story in a Black Arrow PMC interrogation room. The player also took control of Victor during a flashback to the mission where he saved Sam. Following Conviction, Vic and Sam are working together for Vic’s PMC, Paladin 9, taking contracts they believe in, as opposed to blindly following orders. That is, until the first Blacklist attack, where Vic is horrifically injured by a grenade when trying to protect Sam.



  • STAY CONNECTED / ShadowNet is your access point to all Splinter Cell news, scores, and community events. Stay up to date on challenges from your friends and find other agents that might be worthy adversaries.
  • COMPARE STATS & PLAYSTYLES / Link up to your personal SMI and keep tabs on your friends. Publicly display your bragging rights as you shoot up the leaderboards and dominate their scores.
  • JOIN A CELL / Group together with other agents that match your playstyle to enter another level of competition and cooperation. Gain Cell levels that boost your reputation and reward tons of in-game currency.
  • EXCLUSIVE CONTENT / Find out how to unlock an exclusive suit piece and earn more currency for your console or PC Blacklist experience.
  • LEARN STRATEGIES / Follow the Leaderboard leaders to learn their playstyles and view their loadouts. Hit up the forums to discuss strategies with other agents. Download Heat Maps from your SMI to find the best routes in Spies vs. Mercs.


  • YOU ARE SAM FISHER / Experience Splinter Cell on your mobile device just like Sam uses his OPSAT. Use the Strategic Mission Interface to select your mission and come one step closer to stopping the Engineers and their Blacklist attack! 
  • CONTROL SPIDER-BOT / Control the most advanced infiltration gadget in Sam’s arsenal. No entry point is too small and no problem is too big. Spider-Bot is truly the Mobile Sam Fisher. 
  • EARN 4E CURRENCY / Earn Currency that can be transferred back to your Blacklist experience on your console or PC. Stay connected to Splinter Cell Blacklist and earn on the go!
  • EXCLUSIVE CONTENT / Unlock unique items that Sam Fisher can use in the Blacklist Campaign on your Xbox 360 console, PlayStation®3 system, or PC.
  • COMPETE WITH FRIENDS / Log in with Uplay™ to share your high scores and compete on our Uplay Leaderboards. Prove to everyone that you are the better spy! More Game Modes Coming Soon!
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Splinter Cell Backstory

Backstory Sam Fisher

For several years Sam conducted highly dangerous missions for the Lambert’s Third Echelon, and performed far beyond expectations. However, two major events would impact him heavily: his daughter’s killing by a drunk driver in September 2008 and the aftermath of his time spent infiltrating John Brown’s Army. The deep cover operation eventually forced him to murder Irving Lambert in cold blood in order to maintain his cover. These events were devastating to Sam, making him confront the cost of his actions and the fact that he had gunned down his best friend. Added to that was Third Echelon’s ruthless response, and it became increasingly clear to Sam that the mission he had signed on to complete no longer existed. His time, simply put, was up. He could no longer in good conscience assume the role of a Splinter Cell, and to do so with less than full determination was to sign his own death warrant.


Instead, Sam walked away. Over the years, he had established enough false identities and squirreled away enough resources to live comfortably, and enough people owed him favors that he felt he’d be left alone. Cutting an unofficial deal with Third Echelon – you leave me alone, I disappear – he dropped off the grid and went to ground.

However, a little digging by Sam’s friend Victor Coste established that the death of his daughter was no accident. After learning this, Sam went looking for Sarah’s killer, determined to learn what her death had to do with Third Echelon. In his absence, the agency had become subverted away from its original mission. Manipulated by his former handler Anna Grímsdóttir, Sam soon learned that Sarah was alive. Grim used that knowledge to force Sam to act on her behalf to foil a plot against the White House, one that had been conceived in the halls of Third Echelon. Sam rescued the President and dismantled his former agency, then stepped away once again, hoping for a quiet, normal life.

Post Conviction

Reunited with his daughter, Sam was eventually recruited by Coste’s private security firm, Paladin 9. Burned out on working for the government and bored with civilian life, he still needed to pay the bills, and Vic’s “do well by doing good – and shooting bad guys” model worked for him. But when Vic is cut down during the first Blacklist attack, the President pulls Sam is pulled back into the fold. His mission: to lead the newly authorized Fourth Echelon, a deep black agency reporting only to the Oval Office.

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